Board Member History

Clarence Crain 1959-1962
Dale Myers 1959-1962
Don Mitchell 1959-1962
George Wason 1959-1962
John Hardy 1959-1962
Helen Wason 1962-1964
Leo D. Bowman 1963-1964
Raymond E. Huffer 1963-1964
Joseph F. Cook 1963-1964
Leroy Robeson 1963-1964
Earl L. Rodkey 1964-1972
Carl F. Landes 1964-1966
Robert Ayres 1964-1972
Ralph O. Pearson 1964-1968
Floyd E. Hylton 1964-1968
John R. McCain 1966-1970
John A. Bush 1968-1972
Jerry L. Blue 1970-1974
Clifford C. Joyce 1972-1980
Dan K. Hinkle 1972-1976
Donald J. Wilson 1972-1976
William Pickart 1974-2002
Fred Martin 1974-1986
Max E. Roller 1976-1980
Dale L. Huffer 1976-1980
Jerry Garrison 1980-1981
Kenneth R. Orem 1980-2004
Robert Ayres 1980-1992
John A. Bush 1981-1992
Craig C. Martin 1986-1994
Lowell Johnson 1992-1996
Barbara Payne 1992-2008
Edward E. Johnson 1994-2006
Sam L. Zook 1996-2012
Susan Budreau 2002-2006
Michael Eikenberry 2004-2008
Eric E. Johnson 2006-Present
David W. Lambert 2006-Present
Richard W. Eller 2008-2016
Michelle L. Simmons 2008-2012
Paul Redmon 2013-2016
Beth Stephens 2013-2016
Ryan J. Allbaugh 2017-Present
 C. David Bordner 2017-Present
Patrick A. Hickner 2017-Present
    • Administrative Office

      Carroll Consolidated School Corp.
      2 South Third Street
      Flora IN 46929

      Voice: (574) 967-4113
      Fax: (574) 967-3831

      Mr. Keith Thackery, Superintendent
      Mrs. Amy Mullens, Director of Special Education

      High School

      Carroll Jr./Sr. High School
      2362 E State Road 18
      Flora IN 46929

      Phone: (574) 967-4157
      Fax: (574) 967-4027

      Shay Bonnell, Principal
      Leo Leffert, Assistant Principal
      Camden Parkhurst, Dean of Students


      Carroll Elementary School
      105 S 225 E
      Flora IN 46929

      Phone: (574) 967-4881
      Fax: (574) 967-4882

      Roy Hufford, Principal
      Jeff Shuler, Asst. Principal
    • Our Mission

      The mission of Carroll Consolidated School Corporation is to challenge all students to achieve their highest potential, to approach life with confidence and to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in a changing, global society.

      School Safety

      Help us create a safer school zone!  Report bullying online.  Your reports are confidential and will be acted upon quickly. Thank you for making our schools safer!
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