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Staff Recognition

CJSHS Cougar of the Month
Mrs. K. Smith Anjel Hicks & Mrs. Smith Mrs. Smith is a very successful art teacher and all around good person.  She is ALWAYS happy (which we didn't like at first, but quickly warmed up to).  She does her very best to teach us every day and is very creative.  Her happiness and laughter is contagious and she has greatly impacted all of our lives.

          ~ Anjel Hicks & Tabitha Hicks

CES Cougar of the Month - October
Miss Kelso
Miss Kelso and Abby Feltner
"I would like to nominate Miss Kelso for Cougar of the Month because whenever I am scared or sad, she helps me feel better or safer.  She always keeps her promises and she never tells anyone about what is wrong.  She always talks about it with me and always cares.  She will never not care about something.  She is a really good person."

~ Abby Feltner

CES Cougar of the Month - November
Mrs. Fague
Emmie Wanagitis
and Mrs. Fague
"I would like to nominate Mrs. Fague for Cougar of the Month because she can help you to learn when you need help.  She loves you even when others don't.  She never gives up on you and your learning.  She always has your back through the highs and lows."

~ Emmie Wanagitis
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